How to Incorporate Music into Your Day

In our previous posts, we mentioned the positive impacts that music can have on your brain and overall body chemistry by improving your mood, reducing your stress, and helping you become more productive. It’s a no brainer that people should be listening to music throughout the day, but the big question is how to make this happen.

Jam Out on Your Commute

An easy way to mix in a little music is to jam out on the car ride to work. Whether you’re ride is only a few blocks away, or you’re traveling an hour to get to work, this is a great time to begin and end your day. Whether you own your own company, or you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, music will elevate your mood and enthusiasm to attack the day with positivity.

Sing in the Shower

The average time for showing in the United States is nearly 10 minutes. This time is a great opportunity to turn on your favorite playlist and enjoy some music while showering. Whether it’s to start your day, or right before bedtime, this time with your favorite songs can be exactly what you need to get off on the right foot, or end your day on a positive note.

Make Chores Fun Again

The only way to get through a day of cleaning is by blasting some music throughout the house. Without music, then chores are just boring, and most likely won’t get completely done. With a little bit of music in the background, you’ll be amazed at how much work you can get done around the house. Whether it’s landscaping the front yard, cleaning the windows, or sweeping the floor, a little bit of music will go a long way.

Playing some of your favorite tunes will help put you in a better mood, which will make cleaning just a tad better. If you do this once, you’ll never want to go back to cleaning the house without music to help get you through the chores.

It’s important to make a conscious effort to include at least 10 minutes of music into your daily routines. You’ll find yourself more cheerful, less stressed and anxious, and your spirits will be lifted to take on the challenges that the day brings.

Why Music is Good for the Brain

There has been years of scientific research that proves that music is good for the brain. It has been noted that musicians usually have healthier brains than non-musicians. Brain scans of musicians show that they have larger, better synced, and more sensitive than brain scans of non-musicians.

We’ll give you a quick break down on why music is good for the brain, and why you should be listening to music regularly.

Improves Your Mood

Whether you like to listen to your favorite jams on the radio, or you’d rather pick up an instrument and play, music can toss your troubles in the water as it naturally boosts your neurotransmitter dopamine.

That’s fancy for the “motivation molecule” part of the brain which is a big part of the pleasure-reward system. Music will naturally increase brain chemicals in the brain and will literally make you feel happier.

Reduces Stress

Studies show that music reduces chronic stress immensely by lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Music can empower you to feel more confident, less stressed, and give you more control over your life.

People often use music as a way to relieve stress and to take their mind off the daily demands of work and family life. Whether you’re listening to up beat music for motivation, or slow songs for sadnesses, music is a great outlet to express yourself and let go of all the stressors that are piling up.

Makes you More Productive

Music has the ability to make people more productive. So much so that work offices around the country are now allowing employees to listen to music while they work.


It provides a positive, upbeat environment for employees to work in. All managers want their employees to work in a positive environment where enthusiasm ooze, and that’s exactly what music can do for an office.

Not only does it create a great working environment, it also makes people much happier while working. Studies show that people who are happy at work tend to overachieve and are more productive than those who do not. It’s a no brainer as to why people now how the freedom to listen to music while working.

People are also more productive outside work life with the help of music. They are typically more productive getting chores done in and out of the house, as well as exercising more frequently with the help of their favorite playlists.

Improves Student Scores

Much like the office, students who are exposed to music often perform better in school. This is why parents have been in outrage as school districts continue remove music programs from the curriculum because of budget cuts.

Music helps students develop language abilities, improve fine motor skills, increase their IQ, improve brain activity, and improve overall test scores. It’s clearly beneficial for students to be exposed to music either by listening or playing an instrument while attending school.

Types of Music That Increases Your Productivity

Check out our epic list of some of the fantastic music type that increases your productivity and work performance.

1. Classical Music

Classical Music is one of the most common listens to music. This type of music pops up in your mind when you think of Bach and Vivaldi. Classical Music is mostly used by people at work. Even some Scientists have proved that it increases the joy in mind.

2. Nature Music

Nature Music is unique in its own way. The rustling of leaves or rainfall, they all have a glorious sight in your imagination. Nature Music is very relaxing and keeps someone focused on his or her work. This type of Music gives peace to you and your mind.

3. Epic Music

This type of Music gives you joy that you are doing something impressive in the world. Music can be an example of a thrilling movie soundtrack. Epic Music gives you freshness and good joy in working your task. This type of Music can be used to wake your mind in a miserable situation.

4. Video Games, Music

There many video games with great music such as SimCity. This type of music is added in the video games to increase the role of your gaming experience. The most well admiring music to gamers is the skillful voice of quests in games.

5. Ambient Soundtracks

This is a type of music lyrics to enhance the relaxation at your work. The more it is ignoring the greater it is. The most suitable type of music to decrease the stress of work is ambient soundtracks as it gives you joy in your work.

6. Rock Music

Rock Music is popular with kids and teenagers because of the amount of fun it creates for a young audience. The life for young people is fun so they admire rock music as their main one because of the encourage they feel when they listen to it.

7. Pump Up Music

This Music increases empowerment in the middle age and young people. Music gives you a type of encouragement for your hard works. This Music really increases good and subsequent manner influence on the people of the middle and young age. Some examples of Music are “Get Ready for This”.

8. Instrumental Music

This Instrumental Music is of very high scores and is very admiring to some people and starts to sing on it. As this music is based upon singing so this type of music is very promoted in society and is liked by everyone in society.

How Does Music Change Your Body Chemistry?

“Where the words fail, music speaks.”

~Hans Christian Andersen

Music is an art of producing sounds, which delimits or opens up to different pitches, rhythms, timbres, dynamics, tempos, melodies, harmonies and textures. The language of the music cannot be encompassed in a single line. Music is practiced in different forms such as from rapping to classical and, solely vocal pieces to the instrumental pieces. It has a long history and background, Indians defined the music as the sound of horizontally orchestrated tones as melody and vertically ordered tones as harmony. When we see a broader picture, music is not just an organized pattern of sound waves but has a much deeper meaning and philosophy.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”     

~ Plato

Music is such a powerful weapon that has the ability to change your body chemistry. There has been conducting many experiments to investigate the psychological effect of music on minds, bodies and even on our surroundings. It is fascinating to know how music changes the internal pharmacy of your body and how our body reacts emotionally and physically in the result. Different types of music waves of certain frequency affect your body hormones in different ways. It is the form of sound waves of different frequencies that our brain can understand and react accordingly.

“This music heals people because music is vibration and the propervibration heals.”   

~Wynton Marsalis

A certain kind of music releases pleasing hormones in your brain such as dopamine and serotonin that ultimately regulates the moods, body temperature, hunger, sexuality and tiredness. Like classical music, screamo music will not release similar pleasure hormones but aggravates your soul and body. It is a well-researched fact that good quality music improves our cognitive abilities, decreases stress level, increases the activities of the brain and treats various other diseases. The music is such a powerful energy that it is considered as food for soul and body.

“Music is mediator between spiritual and sensual life.”

~Ludwig van Beethoven

There is a strong influence of music in regulating or mediating your spiritual and sensual life. Either it is the music of nature, of your surroundings or in an orchestrated form. It immensely affects the thoughts, emotions and even the physical nature of every being. It’s rhythm programs your body and mind to react in a certain way. Those who have the ability to listen and understand its rhythm, they are the mediator of their own souls and minds. Therefore, do listen and understand the language of music to achieve eternity.